Pictures I’ve Drawn

I’m no graphic designer.  But I sure as hell like Dinosaurs.

Also, everything below will probably make little to no sense.  And not look good because I drew them in Paint.NET.

I love you

crab owners

SligtlyBonkers albinowaddlywaddlycuter than intended


2 thoughts on “Pictures I’ve Drawn

  1. Becca,
    I love you. Your art skills are by far superberific. In fact I’d say they aren’t even skills but skillz with a zee! ’cause that makes them all the more epic. (especially the crab one. I giggled)

    • True story, the crab owners thing. Everytime Rob and I go to a supermarket and pass by the seafood section, I always say “I really want to buy one of those and keep them as a pet”. Eventually it escalated to walking the crab on a leash, and keeping him moist with a spray water bottle.

      We are very tender to all crustaceans.

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