About Me

Calm and Clamor is an activity centric space for you and your small human.

After nannying for 3 years, and having developed a number of children’s activities focused on community building and advocacy, I realized that the Pinterest pretty activities of moms weren’t doing it for me or my kids. Finding quality, quick things to pull out and play with to entertain my kids with was taking more time than I had, and more time than my kids willing to spend.  It turns out, making and curating my own coloring sheets and activities takes less time than asking Google.

What you will find on Calm and Clamor are quiet and loud activities for one to one hundred children.  These include

  • Print-and-go activity sheets requiring only crayons, glue, and/or scissors
  • Song sheets, and their associated actions
  • Circle time games (for groups or parties)
  • Waldorf/Montessori-based activities
  • Playlists of children’s songs that don’t make you want to plug your ears
  • Diversity, and anti-bias focused points of discussion for your little advocate
  • Awesome book recommendations, with songs and games, and questions to go along with them

Everything I post has been tested by picky babies, toddlers, and pre-school children at the Community Playgroups I lead. Will they work for your kids? Maybe. Who knows? Your kids are probably different than mine, and I would love to hear how you adapted!

Becca is a babysitter, community leader, and doula (in training) based in Chicago, IL.  She loves the Instagram filter “Walden” a bit too much, and makes tea and coffee every day for her Playgroup Adults. Find her on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to join in the fun!



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