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Recipe: Simple Apricot Cheese Croissants – Four Ingredients

No joke.  This recipe, at its core, is four ingredients.  You could do what I did and make two of them from scratch, or you could do what I would have done if I only had 15 minutes and a grocery store to whip these up.  Either way is delicious.

The Boy was a bit iffy in terms of whether or not this would work out as a whole. Especially since I didn’t use conventional “cheese”.  I’ve spent the last three weeks obsessing over my counter top yeastie beasties.  I have kombucha, milk kefir, water kefir, apple cider vinegar, sourdough, and sauerkraut on the go.  He’s been skeptical of all of them, but the sourdough won one for the team.  It was the milk kefir that sort of got me, in terms of what I could use it for.   The Boy drinks a daily smoothie and I told him that he could use the milk kefir instead of the yogurt he pined after.  It’s been rough, having to remind him that the kefir needs to be drank.  I’ve taken to making a simple kefir “cheese” instead, since I’ll end up using that more than the kefir itself.

So that took care of one of the ingredients.

The second was an apricot preserve.  I’m the preserve eater at home, and I tend to only keep one jar open at a time.  I really wanted an apricot pastry, but berry was the one in my fridge. Necessity, being the mother of invention (or at least a Google search), I grabbed some dried apricots from the cupboard, popped them over the stove with some sugar and ginger and let it putter away.

Voila.  Ingredient number two.

Last was the crescent rolls.  This is a long story.  I had extra store-bought refrigerated dough.  I needed to use it.  So I did.  There was also an egg in the fridge that begged to be included.

Four ingredients.  A lot more praise from the peanut gallery than I expected.

You can easily substitute storebought “All-The-Things” to whip up this recipe in a jiffy.  Your choice of preserves instead of handmade (Fig would have been my second choice, had I lived in a lush world).  Ricotta, Marscarpone, or Cream Cheese could take the place of kefir cheese.  Puff Pastry could even be substituted!  Biscuit dough! The world is your fancy pastry.  The important thing is that you get grossly disproportional praise for the amount of effort you put out.

Now that the snow is gone, don’t you think you deserve it?

Apricot Cheese Croissants – 4 Ingredients

Adapted From

  • 1/4 cup Apricot Preserves – Recipe from Dried Fruit
  • 1/4 cup Cheese – Recipe for Kefir Cheese.  Substitute Cream Cheese, Ricotta, or Marscarpone
  • 1 tube of Crecent Roll Dough
  • 1 egg (for egg wash)
  • Optional: Chopped nuts and/or candied ginger to taste.

1) Preheat oven to 375F.  Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

2) Combine preserves and cheese in a small bowl.  Add nuts or ginger, if using.

3) Open and lay out crescent rolls.

4) Spread 1 tbsp of cheese mixture evenly on top of each triangle.

5) Roll, and place on baking sheet.

6) Break egg and beat lightly in a small bowl.

7) Using a pastry brush, wash the tops of each roll with the beaten egg.

8) Bake for 10-15 minutes (mine took approximately 15 minutes).

9) Cool, and serve.


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