This Weekend Went to the Dogs

It went all to the dogs, and they aren’t even my pet of choice!  I spent the day looking at pooches, puppies, and the most sensible selection of women’s shoes.  These were some of the fanciest dogs I’d ever seen, and the owners were so kind and tender toward their canine friends.

We watched a few competitions, but my knowledge of “Best in Show” only took me so far.  They wrapped everything up so fast, I couldn’t even tell who placed first, let alone last!

I got to see so many kinds of dogs that I’ve only ever seen in magazines.  I saw dogs in training who could find a single marked toy in among at least fifty other toys.  It was like “Dogs With Jobs” in real life!

What was so heartwarming and so charming, was a little known competition wherein one dances with one’s dog.  I went in expecting a couple of laughs, but then realized that this was so much more complicated!  You weren’t allowed to give common hand signals.  Only voice commands.  These dogs were walking backwards in circles just because they were told to!

That’s more than I can say about my abilities to take direction.


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