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Swapping: The Best Way to Live

Six months later … don’t worry, I’ve not died (and here’s proof!).  I’ve just swapped one world for another.

Here’s a crash course in everything that I’ve swapped for in six months.  And don’t worry.  None of the things that I left behind have not been un-maintained.  I love all the things and faces that live in other parts of the universe and am glad that their lives grow, and flourish without me.

I traded this pet that terrifies me

For these pets who terrify everyone else

I traded crosswalks like this

For intersections of a different style.

I said goodbye to this fancy man

And this gorgeous lady,

To say hello to this man who is at the centre of my life

And this passionate woman

I had these autumn leaves for a bit

But these ones feel more like home now.

I have a lake instead of an ocean.


But I’m feeling good.  So now, what else can I swap?

Sheep and Angels


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