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I’m having a “Me” Party. Happy Half Birthday to Me!

When I’m feeling down. I listen to “The Muppet Movie” soundtrack. Specifically the duet between Amy Adams and Miss Piggy.

Does anyone else do this?  Probably not.

Either way, I love having “me” parties.  Especially when they’re impromptu.  I got all gussied up just for me!  I wore my favourite clothing just for me!  I put on makeup just for me!

I guess “putting on makeup” doesn’t mean the same thing for everyone.  Since I used five products total.  And I usually use two.

Unpictured is my Burt’s Bees lip balm.  It’s how my face stays so bee-utifully soft.

I’m nearly a person!

I wore my favourite clothing.  Mostly thrifted because that’s how I roll.  Thrifted or gifted.  Like this t-shirt. This wonderful zebra t-shirt.

And my most favouriteist drapey skirt.  It’s so drapey!!

Woah, Nelly.  Nearly nip-slip.  But so happy because I’m going somewhere I’ve never been before.

I have heard incredibly good things about this place.  And they do 50% off burgers and sandwiches on weeknights after 9pm with the purchase of a drink.  Which means I can afford to get the fancy gin.  And maybe a dessert?  Actually, yes a dessert.  It’s my half birthday!

Gin and tonic with Hendricks!  Holy moly, do I love gin now.  Chalk up another win for my 25 before 25!

I got myself a portobello burger with a fried onion topped with goat cheese. I wasn’t particularly excited about the burger, but it was half price, so I thankfully got what I paid for.  I prefer veggie burgers to simply a big ol’ mushroom.  Especially since they tend to contain more life-bringing protein to my bun.

I considered getting the french fries, because I usually judge a food establishment by the quality and deliciousness of their fries.  Establishments usually automatically win if they make their own ketchup.  They usually lose if their homemade ketchup is better than mine, because I’m secretly a jealous mother whose son has recently married a cook who is better than me.

I got the salad instead though.  It hit all the right buttons for me.  Grapes, pumpkin seeds, apples and an enormous amount of sesame seeds.  I love all those things, especially grapes in salad.  And those sesame seeds?  They were pretty well magical in my mouth.  It was like having delicious nutty croutons.

And then I ignored the part where I can’t have dairy, sucked it up, took a (chill) pill and ate this… napoleon? I don’t remember.  But they used strawberries which meant I had to have it.  Growing up on a strawberry farm means I have to eat them when offered.  It’s just polite.  And also delicious.

And that’s how I spent my half-birthday.  After doing laundry in the morning.

So how do you “Me” Party?  Or dance on your own? OH my gosh, that Robyn song.




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