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My Favourite Part of Breakfast: A Variation on Eggs and Toast

I have a favourite breakfast, as I’m sure we all do.  I like my breakfasts to be savoury, and a sweet breakfasts are such a decadent treat to me.  I also like my breakfasts to have carbs.  I struggle through until lunch unless I have a slice of toast, or a bagel.  If I opt for just a smoothie, I’m found wandering my apartment, wondering what point there is to life until I race to the cupboard and devour a piece of dry bread.  No toasting.  No time.  Gotta eat carbs.


And morning protein? Oh man.  The perfect little sphere of good-for-you cholesterol and protein? The food with sauce built right in?  I always feel sad for people who eat their eggs anything but soft, knowing that they’re missing out on built in sauce!  And with some maldon sea salt flakes, and freshly cracked pepper?  I die.  I actually die.  And if you pour homemade salsa on top of it… oh my gosh now I’m just chattering.

But seriously!  Look at that homemade, chicken-uterus sauce.

But what really takes this over the top, is how you crisp up your bread.  No toasting for this lady.  I fire up my stove top, quick-soak my bread in a mixture of oil and vinegar, and throw the slices french toast style.  No real measuring, just eyeballing ingredients and splashing in a bit more as needed.  It’s breakfast.  I can’t follow a recipe in the morning or control an oven, lesbeehonest.

Savoury Grilled Toast and Soft Boiled Eggs

Recipe adapted from Food 52

2 slices of whole grain bread
glug of red wine or balsalmic vinegar.  Feeling fancy? Infuse those suckers.
glug of olive oil
salt and pepper to finish
2 farm fresh eggs room

  1. Fill a saucepan with cold water and set to boil.  When at a full boil, carefully lay eggs into the pot.  Bring temperature down and simmer for five minutes.  Once finished, remove eggs from the heat and quickly douse in cold water to halt over-cooking.

  2. Meanwhile, glug both the vinegar and olive oil onto a plate.  Crack a little pepper in for good measure.  Whisk with a fork to blend together

  3. Quickly toss the bread slices onto the plate, flipping quickly.  Run out of olive oil and vinegar mixture halfway?  Add more.  Indulge.  It’s breakfast and you’re still probably asleep anyway.

  4. Pan-grill the bread on a frying pan, toasting on both sides.

  5. Smash your soft boiled eggs in half with the back of a knife and scoop out the egg from the shell.  Dump all over toast.

  6. Garnish with salsa, avocado, sliced tomatoes, peppers, or whatever else is within grabbing distance.  Finish with salt and pepper to taste.


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