#MakeTodaySpecial with a Willow Walk

I get bored really easily.

I get frustrated really easily.


I get bored, and thus frustrated really easily.  So it’s nice to get out and clear my head.

So I challenged myself the other day to get out and do something.

I challenged myself to take a picture of something every fifteen steps that I took.  And although that deteriorated, it was a great way to get me started.  I spent nearly the whole walk looking around me, then looking through my camera, just snapping pictures and taking an accidental one minute movie until my battery ran out.

It was kind of nice to challenge myself and look outside of what looked like fields of green.  Everything was so fresh, and new.

You wouldn’t even know that a five minute walk away lay an incredibly busy street and one of the craziest five-way intersections in town.

I’m too driven a person to take a walk “just ’cause”.  I have to have a reason at the end of it.


And boy, was I pleased with what I came home with.

I got willow, you guys!



This week, I’m linking up to Running With Spoons for Thinking out Loud


3 thoughts on “#MakeTodaySpecial with a Willow Walk

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  2. Lovely pics! My allergies would have attached after the first snap 😦 If I’m ever feeling like I have too much on my mind, I’m going to take a walk…thanks for that reminder.

    • Oh no! Walks anywhere can be nice though. A city scape and skyline can be fantastic, or even by a lake. Just getting out from whatever’s keeping you stuck in a rut.

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