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Handmade “Cuppow”. Mason Jar Drinking for the Rest of Us.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, drinking from a mason jar isn’t considered the hipster thing to do.  It’s a thing everyone does.  Which is great for me.  I lose so many coffee mugs and the thought of investing more than two dollars into something I’m going to lose just makes me cringe.  That goes double for buying those little Cuppow inserts.

And yet.  I still want eighteen of them.

I’ve made other recycled mason jar lids for drinking on the go. And they’re a fabulous, inexpensive way to get the job done, but they still have an open hole that means I can still spill everywhere.

This.  Fixes.  Everything.

And.  It’s.  So.  Easy.

You’ll need:

  • Almond milk or juice carton with a centred screw cap, rinsed
  • Mason jar with both ring and insert lid pieces
  • Scissors
  • Pen or Pencil

Open the top of the rinsed carton along the seal.

Cut halfway down one edge of the carton and around the circumference of the carton to make one long, flat piece with ample room beneath the screw top.  The more room, the better.

Turn the carton over.  Make sure that the back is really clean.  Place the mason jar insert over the back of the screw top.  If you off-set the position of your insert before you trace, your screw top will be closer to the edge for easier drinking.  If you trace it with the screw top centred, you’ll find it a little difficult to drink out of.

Trace the outside of the ring.  I chose not to use permanent marker because it would be touching my food.  I tried using a ballpoint pen that I could wash off, but the colour wouldn’t stick.  I ended up tracing with a pencil, pressing firmly which created an indent I could easily see.

Cut generously around the tracing marks you made.  Don’t worry if it’s too big, you can always trim the edges to fit.  Better bigger than smaller.  If you cut your circle too small, you will risk leakage and that’s not the point of this kitchen hack!

Once you’ve got it the right size, pop your new insert into the ring, and screw the ring on top of your mason jar.  See how off-setting helps?  You’ll thank me later.

Et voila! Fill the jar with your favourite smoothie, iced tea or coffee and you’re good to go!  This will last for a while, but it is still paper at the end of the day.  I’d give it between 10 and 15 uses before the edges get a little soggy, but by then you’ll have finished another carton of almond milk or juice to make another handmade “Cuppow”!  So get the most for your money and recycle as much as you can!

What can you imagine putting inside your recycled travel mug?



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