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Calm and Glamor! The story of how I made some really nasty shorts look like they used to actually belong in a store.



I hate throwing things away.  I absolutely hate it.  I would eat three worms in order to avoid throwing out an appliance that I’m convinced is easily fixable, only to have it sit around for six months and then eat three worms again to repeat the cycle.  Over 3,500 kilometres away is a combination blender and food processor that I’m 50% sure I broke while attempting to make quinoa milk.  It roars like a hungry bear and gets the job done, but not without a concerning grinding sound.  TR wants to throw it away, having already got a new blender, but gosh darned it.  I really want the food processor.  So it’s going to sit there for a while until I get back to Chicago to examine it further.


Yeah.  I’m not good at throwing things out.  Including clothes.  Clothing you don’t wear anymore and don’t want to give away are just other clothes, or other projects waiting to happen.  And I tried to make some worn out pants into fabulous cut-off jeans… but there was still a concerning amount of skin showing.


It didn’t look pretty when I sat down.  These shorts were not good for the beach fires, or the bending, or the being seen outside my home.  Something had to be done with minimal supplies.  All I have in BC is a needle, thread, and some mad skills.


You’ll Need,

  • Cut-off shorts that are a little sad or too short.
  • A t-shirt that’s one size too big
  • Scissors
  • Thread
  • Needle

I started by mending the holes as best as I could patching them up.  Next time I find myself near a fabric store or dollar store, I’ll pick up an iron on mending patch.  Yes, you can get the magical patches at the dollar store for one quarter the price of specialty stores.  They’re in the craft aisle, in with the sewing materials.  Not all dollar stores will carry these, so go searching!  A well stocked dollar store is your best friend.  I’ve had immense success with the Great Canadian Dollar Store franchise.  If you’re in Victoria, check out this Esquimalt location.  I’ve found everything from linocut materials to the best scrapbooking supplies here.  It’s my absolute favourite location I’ve found thus-far.  In Chicago?  Try Dollar Tree.  Family Dollar has the worst arts and crafts selection (in my opinion) so just avoid it.


Dignity restored!  Now.  On to the cuffs.


Cut your t-shirt in half. I cut just under the New Zealand image and came up with a great cuff size.


Cut along the side seams.  You should have two even pieces of fabric.  Trim off the bottom hem of one of the pieces, and keep the other piece for other magical purposes.


Cut the piece you’re working with in half…


Fold and sew to make a big ol’ fabric tube.


Fold your fabric tube in half, with the right side facing you.  Match the raw edges of the fabric with the raw edges of the denim.  Match the seams on the fabric, to the seams already in your cutoff shorts. Pin, and sew.

See where my hand is?  That’s where I sewed.  Anything below my finger is the raw edge of the fabric and denim.  Anything above is neatly folded fabric.


Now look at all that excess fabric below my sewing line.  If you’re using a sewing machine, zig-zag stitch below your sewing line.  If you’re sewing by hand (like me), blanket stich around the raw edges to keep things a little tidier and to provide extra reinforcement.

Fold down your cuff, press, and try those puppies on!


Daaayum.  They is fine.  And a little bit longer to boot!  But how are they on the whole ensuring that I don’t show too much if I sit down?


Perfect.  Now apparently I have to go tend to the upper regions of my legs.

Hey, when you got it, flaunt it!



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