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Keep Calm and Clamor On (+free printable!)

I lead a pretty hectic life.  And yet, somehow I manage to fit in an inordinate amount of Netflix in.  There are moments of serenity as I sip my morning tea, and there are just as many moments (if not more) when I’m working, running to the bus, or trying to schedule in a shower because I know I’ll struggle in the morning hauling myself out of bed.

But I clamor on.  I don’t carry on my day like everyone else, I tend to create my own chaos.  I’m a whirlwind of smiles, laughter, dance parties and garbled noises as my mouth struggles to catch up to what my brain is trying to tell it to say.  I clamor on, trying to catch the bus at the correct time while grabbing my (ultimately forgotten) packed lunch.  I race through life on full speed, clawing at people and instances as I meet them, knowing that I may not have time to see a friend, or have fun with my hobbies for a while.  And I clamor home exhausted.  Not wanting to speak to anyone, gorging on episode after episode of “The Nanny” or whatever my bad-tv-of-the-month is for hours and days on end, with a slightly sour attitude as I recuperate from all that social interaction.

There is a calm in all of this. Calm comes in the moments waiting for the kettle to boil.  Calm comes in the rhythms and patterns of my day-to-day.  It sneaks up on you as you stare outside on the same bus route you take every day as you notice the seasons changing.  It can wave over you when you walk past a lilac bush and your head fills only with the euphoria of whatever faeries occupy that space.  Calm is everywhere, if you take a moment to find it within the clamor and clang of the lives around you.


I always liked the British WWI propaganda poster “Keep Calm and Carry On”.  And it’s been appropriated over and over again to the point where I sort of feel a little icky posting a version of it.  But this reflects who I am a little clearer.  It makes me smile a little wider, knowing that as I clamor through life it’s alright.

If you want to print, or save it yourself, go ahead!  Just right click, and press “Save Image”, or click on the image to see it’s full size before saving.  I made it the lock screen to my phone.  Now when I look at it, I’m reminded that whatever text message I missed is just another part of my day.  A small piece in a big puzzle.

Where would you end up putting this?  Is there a “Keep Calm and …” parody/adaptation that best reflects you?



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