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It’s May Day. Time to clean out my purse and embarrass myself on the internet. Again.

It can be a trendy thing to do, to show everyone what’s in your purse.  All those cool things that make bloggers the hippest, imparting a vibe that screams “You want to be just like me.  Look, even everything in my purse is color co-ordinated and adorable,  just like my life.”

I am not that kind of blogger.

To prove it.  Here is my purse.  It cost me $1.75 and this is how I treat it.

Suffice it to say, I am not dainty.

Here’s a short list, presented thematically:

  • Writing utensils
  • Snacks
  • Alcohol
  • Medication/Vitamins of Various Sorts
  • Tea
  • Technology
  • Feminine Products
  • Craft Tools and Products
  • Cutlery

Here’s what’s ACTUALLY in it.

  • An entire box of tampons.  Hey.  Always be prepared.
  • One thousand pens, and a single chopstick.  And yet, I can never find any pens when I need them.
  • Tweezers.  For Uni-Brow emergencies?  I might have one one day, you never know.
  • My Ideas notebook. Complete with owl stickers and full of ideas for blog posts, stand-up routines, and the rest of my life.
  • Handmade Perfumes and Aromatherepy Oils.  Not only am I a hippie, but I have a problem.
  • Snacks. Because snacks.
  • Crafting Elastic.  For fabric based emergencies?  I don’t even have a sewing kit in my purse!  There’s even a hooking tool for making cat-based yarn crafts.  I might have a cat based yarn craft emergency, you guys!
  • A Spoon.  I’m honestly surprised I don’t have eleven of these.  I always, always have spoons and I don’t know where they come from.
  • A Camera Bag. Two dollars at the thrift store, wut wut!
  • A Tiny Tripod.  I might need it one day, okay?
  • Alcohol.  I like to put the little shots in my slurpees.  But I never actually end up doing it, so by the end of the summer this bag will probably be about 99% alcohol.
  • A Tiny Sachet of Lavender.  Because I’m a lady and want stuff to smell nice.
  • Pill box full of the vitamins and medications you see in the big bottles. I am usually all about efficiency.  Today, you learn that I am not actually all about this virtue.
  • Pill box full of loose leaf tea. This is the best way I’ve found to transport my fancy teas that I like looseleaf in my patriotic tea mug, complete with loose leaf tea filter.
  • An e-Reader.  Before I discovered the world of podcasts, I used my e-Reader religiously.

Something had to give.

I cleaned my purse like a big girl.  I removed all the stupid stuff that I know I don’t need and kept all the stupid stuff that I think I might need.

What an improvement, hey?

Yes.  All the alcohol is still there.  My “body related things” are mostly contained to a small ziploc bag.  I am keeping all the pens because I always lose all the pens.  My mug is there (obviously).  My Tea is in the ziploc (obviously).  Snacks are still there.  I remembered to pack my wallet, and I have my phone charger for wireless based emergencies.

Doesn’t my bag look happier now?

Now we’re ready for summer.

Show me what’s in your bag!



Today, I’m Thinking Out Loud with Running with Spoons.  Thanks for the internet presence, and for letting me air my dirty laundry.




4 thoughts on “It’s May Day. Time to clean out my purse and embarrass myself on the internet. Again.

  1. $1.75? No.freaking.WAY. SO cute. And I honestly laughed out loud when I saw how much you managed to stuff inside there. I’m kind of OCD about clutter so my purse is always pretty clean. My friends actually give me a hard time for it because you won’t even find a gum wrapper or old receipt in there. Maybe I need to start carrying around some alcohol and ease up a little, eh? 😉

    • Usually, I have a lunch box and I pulled out a hair dryer the day before this post. If you need something, and you’re nowhere near anything, I probably have it!

      I wish I was more like you though. I would love to be OCD. Everyone would be better for it.

    • I couldn’t believe it either! I’d been searching all over for a bag that looked like something a Pan Am air hostess in the 1960’s would have had and I finally found it! Perseverance paid off!

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