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A fashion craft for people who have always wanted to say “I Made It Myself!”

I love crafting, and my mum says I have a knack for it.  This comment does come from someone who is predestined to love me unconditionally so who actually knows if I’m any good at it.  Either way, I love crafting but I have a short attention span.  Sometimes, you just need a quick craft win to make you feel like you can accomplish something artful in less than five minutes.  Sometimes you want to flaunt your abilities to the world.  And gosh darn it, sometimes you want people to compliment you for your impeccable fashion sense.

This craft does all those things.


All you need are:

  • Your favourite lace up shoes
  • As much ribbon as you believe necessary

For serious!  Follow these fun graphics from Buzzfeed with your shoelace alternative and you can make a signature shoe just like Hilary Swank in P.S: I love you.   Check out what I did with 15 minutes and some ribbon.

IMG_20140401_123355Don’t you just love the ducks?



Double up on the ribbon to create a lattice effect.



Two ribbons can make a nice striped effect.  You can change them up for your outfits, or the holidays!



This is the same design, but with only one, fat, patterned ribbon.  This one is my favourite!



With some fancy weave-work, you can get your bow to land right in the middle of your shoe.



Look at how cute your shoes can look with  little work, and no craft skills!

Show me what your laces can look like!




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