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Trying Oil Pulling: An Non-Drowsy Update!

See my first post on oil pulling here!

My oil pulling post is the most popular one on Crunchy Can Feel Good!  And why shouldn’t it be?  Oil pulling is amazing!  But let me level with you here.  I stopped doing it for a while.  It’s true.  I kept it up for a good six to eight months after that post, and then life got in the way.  Weird how that happens isn’t it?  One day, you’ve got 20 minutes to spare in the morning, and the next you’re showering at night, waking up late, and running out the door trying to remember if you put on your bra.  Oil pulling just isn’t happening for a week.  And then you forget, and 21 days later after you’ve got into the habit of Not Oil Pulling, you just stop.

And then you’re sad.

So what’s it like after Not Oil Pulling for a long time?  Well… you don’t have oil in your mouth.  I notice the back of my teeth more, where I used to experience plaque just “falling off” like it was its job.  My smile is noticeably less bright, and I tire easily.

I know, right? Less energy!  I’ve noticed since January 1st.  I have a myriad of goals, personal and public, and two of my personal goals were to get back into oil pulling for my mouth health, the other one being acquiring the ability to get up in the morning at a reasonable hour.  I mean, I’m an adult now, and should be able to wake up at 8am and not feel like the world is about to end.  I’ve been doing a pretty good job at setting my alarm for 8am, but not a good job at physically removing myself from the bed.  But I’ve noticed something curiouser and curiouser.

When I keep on top of my oil pulling habits, I sleep so soundly, I put my (now) husband to shame.  He used to be the one to fall asleep immediately and soundly through the night.  Now I do too, and it’s fantastic!  Waking up in the morning is easy, and although I’m still a bit sluggish, it only lasts for 3-5 minutes.  But when I stop pulling out of laziness, my sleep patterns return to their haphazard ways, while my schedule and other habits remain the same.

I can’t say I can attribute the whole change of sleeping patterns to just oil pulling, I can say that I experience something very positive while oil pulling.  Has anyone else?



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