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How to Cut Perfectly (and Evenly) Shaped Bars

Always cut in half.  Then in half.  Then in half again.  Always, and only halves.

I learned this when working in a cafe.  We’d get whole quick-bread loaves in, and cut them down for sale.  Even though I began as the worst loaf cutter in the history of the universe, I quickly became the master of the knife.  Cutting the ends off (eating them), slicing in half.  Slicing in half again, and again, until eight slices were ready for saran wrapping.  I. Was. Beautiful.

Take a look at this picture.  The picture helps a lot.  The picture is integral.

Granola Bar Rule of Halves

Yes, it’s true.  Not all the bars are perfectly the same size. But that’s due to the free-form nature of the recipe. But, there are at least two happy sets of twins who all get the same size bar.  And one happy knife wielder who gets to eat the edges.  And let’s be honest, the edges are the best part.

Have you ever heard of the “rule of thirds” in photography?  Well, think of my “Rule of Halves” the next time you try cutting loafs, bars, or things that require even distribution.

Want the recipe for what you see?  Check back in a couple days!




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