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“Good-Bye” Best Coast “Hello” Windy City Part Three – Chicago Living

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At least once a day I look around the apartment, the “L” train, the museums, the lake, and into my neighbour’s bathroom and think:

Am I seriously still here?

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an ocean.  And I miss it.  I miss it terribly.  But there have been so many amazing things that have happened here to keep me busy, happy, and humble and more than anything I want to share them with you.

Visiting Navy Pier

We’ve made  a couple visits to Navy Pier now.  The first one just sort of walking by it and later snapping this picture, and the second at Halloween for their Haunted House Spectacular.  I’m not a huge haunted house fan.  I actually got into an argument with one of the zombies because he wasn’t answer my question in a straightforward and concise manner.  I tend to laugh at things that “scare me”.  I also tend to laugh at the people in front of me who are THIS CLOSE to peeing their pants in fright.  It was terrific.

My beloved Wesley cat died.  Three weeks after I left home, he got brave, ran across the street, and was hit by oncoming traffic.  Since then, I haven’t been able to watch a nature documentary without bawling my eyes out.  My boyfriend has given up on trying to make me feel better by feeding me pint upon pint of ice cream.  It’s becoming a dangerous habit.  But I miss him so much!  We’re thinking about getting pet rats to help me feel better and cope.  Don’t think it’s gross!  Watch this video instead.  I’ve been completely and utterly converted.

I’ve explored my neighbourhood.  And it’s the coolest!  A recent article that was read out loud to me called the area I live in Chicago’s newest “gaybourhood”.  Which means… well.  I don’t know what it means.  But I have three places to get bibimbap in walking distance, so nothing else matters.

Thanksgiving!  I’ve had two.  Canadian, and American.  And I’ve got to say, I think there’s a monopoly on turkey distribution before November.  I had to go to a butcher and special order a turkey for Canada’s October Thanksgiving.  It was more delicious than anything, but it sure was hard to find!

We went and played Bible Bingo!  Actually got to play Bingo while a delightful Catholic school marm made fun of us and stuffed kleenex down my shirt because it was too low cut.  And then she gave me a card to remind me to get married later.  Oh my gosh, so fun.

Blanket fort!  Because … well … BLANKET FORT!

Money Museum!  And other museums.  But I think the Money Museum at the Federal Reserve has been my favourite so far (other than the one I’m volunteering at.)  We took home over $600 in shredded bills!  I’m excited to make an art piece out of all of those little confetti pieces and say that it cost over $600 to make.

And so much more //  Making friends at museums //  Making Chicago Friends //  Having a close friend live down the street.  Grocery shopping //  Discovering ALDI // Finally shopping at Trader Joe’s. // Finally shopping at Whole Foods //  Seeing lights, sights, and frights //  Crocheting like the dickens // Ten pin bowling for the first time // Zoo Lights // Planetariums // Moving in winter // The first time I drove in Chicago it was into the downtown Loop.  It was not terrible.  Parking was //  and finally …

The CTA holiday train.  Complete with candy canes, bad santa jokes, and a cinnamon-butterscotch air freshener that they pumped throughout the cars.  So much holidays.  So much fun.

And now you’re caught up.




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