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Cold Fix: Honey Lemon Tea Base for the Winter Sniffles

This is my second cold in two months.  I am so unhappy, you have no idea.  This one isn’t all bad, comparatively.  January’s cold is a head-cold that makes my eye leak like an aging cat’s, and my nose run like the fountain of youth.  December’s cold was a stomach bug of some sort that was just awful.  December’s cold didn’t have any of the Honey Lemon Tea base either.

Honey Tea Ingredients

January’s cold gets the Honey Lemon Tea base.  And the Honey Lemon Tea base is my reward for surviving the Polar Vortex.  I usually try and use raw local honey because it is amazing and literally tastes like home.  The honey here in the Midwest tastes so much different than the West Coast, and I like to think the difference is the flavours of the country.  I grew up right near a honey farm and when my mum would get me to go pick up tomatoes from the greenhouse down the street, she would give me an extra quarter and I’d get a flavoured raw honey stick from the bee farm. It was amazing.

And raw honey is more amazing than anything.  It’s unpasteurized, and so much more alive than its pasteurized counterparts.  I’m waiting on our neighbour to send us over some honey from his back yard bees, but in the meantime, I’m starting with grocery store organic honey.

All you do is thinly slice lemons, put them into a wee mason jar, and add honey.  When you have extra lemons, add them!  When you have extra honey, add some more!  In the end, it will look like this:

Honey Tea In JarWarm, delicious honey hugging lemon slices.  Just take a spoonful, pop it into a cup, and add boiling water.  Drink because happy.  I like to add fresh ginger to my cup for its warming, and stomach calming properties.  I think adding ginger to your honey lemon tea base would be delicious, but I love how aromatic fresh ginger is and I’m too afraid to be sad if I don’t like it in my mix after the honey and lemon break it down a bit.

But however you take your tea.  More lemon, more honey, with ginger, whatever!  Make this today. Or tomorrow.  Or the next time you go to the grocery store.




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