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Kitchen Hack: Grapefruit stand

When we were subletting, we had access to the cutest, most perfect grapefruit bowls. The reminded me of miso soup bowls, but their shape held half a  grapefruit wonderfully. Now that we have our own place, we have the bare necessities, and are cobbling everything else together as we go.

But I made sure to pick up mason jars. And they’ve been amazing. I was eating my morning grapefruit, like I do, and necessity being the mother of invention came to me.


She said “use the mason jar ring to hold your grapefruit up”.

So I did.





2 thoughts on “Kitchen Hack: Grapefruit stand

    • No, you wouldn’t want to watch me eat a grapefruit. I cut it in half so all the sections are showing, and then I just start stabbing at everything with a regular teaspoon.

      It’s a bit of a mess, but it gets the job done! I always think I should get a grapefruit spoon, but I never remember until I’m halfway through my grapefruit half.

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