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My 25 before 25

chicago becca

In 12 months, I will be a quarter century old.  In 12 months, everyone will be talking about how well their New Year’s resolutions went, or avoiding the discussion in order to not talk about how they forgot or failed. I hope with this list, I will fall into one or both of these categories.  I have been known to own my mistakes and follies.  Chances are, in 12 months I’ll be talking about how I’ve totally forgotten this list, and apologizing for my failure.  There’s something refreshing about honesty.

But in 12 months, I will be a quarter century old, and wouldn’t it be lovely to be able to achieve a quarter of a hundred things?

They’re all manageable things.  Except maybe number two.  I wasn’t able to keep my rosemary Christmas tree alive during December. I’d show you a picture, but I’m frightfully embarrassed. But what do you think? Do-able?

  1. Create an indoor herb garden
  2. Don’t kill the indoor herb garden
  3. Get more fresh air
  4. Blog once a week minimum, here on CCFG
  5. Visit two cities I’ve never been to before
  6. Make my own bar soap
  7. Start an etsy store
  8. Finally try my hand at vlogging
  9. Keep a tider home
  10. Go camping
  11. Do something fun with my hair
  12. Take more pictures // June 13
  13. Spend one weekend partying
  14. Go to three music concerts
  15. Go on a trip with a friend
  16. Bake a really fancy cake.  One with fancy icing.  Possibly theme-based
  17. Finally get that tattoo I want
  18. Go to a sport game. A game of sports.  That event where everyone goes to yell at a team
  19. Have a meal with a stranger
  20. Sing karaoke
  21. Go to a movie by myself
  22. Try a new food I can’t pronounce, or are afraid to try
  23. Make a meal plan for a month, and stick to it
  24. Write for someone other than myself
  25. Develop a taste for gin

What are your goals, aspirations, or things you want to do in the near future?  Let’s remember, we’re not talking grand New Year’s resolutions.  Just lovely things you want to achieve.


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