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All You Need Are Socks: DIY Elbow Length Glamour Gloves


I love these gloves. Specifically, I love how cheap they are. I picked up the gray gloves at the dollar store for $1, and hit up Target’s clearance sock section for some long socks for $1.75. Total cost? $3!

One thing I do not love about gloves is that awkward space between where the glove ends and wherever your sweater or jacket begins. I was browsing around the Target-land and looking at all the winter gloves, thinking “oh my landa, I do not want to spend that much.” Enter this brilliant idea.

Just follow the instructions in the picture and you can make yourself an awesome set of gloves. You can mix and match gloves to arms and make as many combinations as there are available socks!

This is also an awesome way to get rid of mismatched or holey socks lying around. I absolutely would have done that, if 85% of my closet wasn’t back on the Best Coast. But I’m sure The Boyfriend will wear through a pair soon, and I’ll have some nice thick wooly arms to keep me warm in the cold Chicago winds!



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