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Moving in Chaos: Positively Preparing Myself

moving checklist

My life is moving so quickly, it’s hard for me to keep up.  I sent a big message to my friends and co-workers last night, reminding them about a meeting we had with the mayor the next day.  I sent everyone into a mild panic as they checked their schedules before reminding me that the meeting was not this Friday, but next Friday.   In the past few days we received a huge donation of foodstuffs for a community project I’m running.  And next Tuesday is when we launch our first pilot with the municipality.  At least, I’m pretty sure it’s next Tuesday… I haven’t been told otherwise.

On top of that, I’m working full time, six days a week, saving like mad, applying for visas and jobs in Chicagoland.  I leave the Pacific Northwest in less than two months, and it hasn’t quite hit me.  I have this feeling it won’t until I get off the train and am standing in the middle of the largest city I have ever set foot in.  I think I’m more scared about experiencing that feeling, than actually leaving my home.

There’s a whole plethora of things I am excited for though.

  • Actually having my own kitchen again. I haven’t had rule over a kitchen in almost a year now, and it is killing me slowly.
  • Slow
  • Having routine. I am so excited to create a routine.  To wake up in the morning and do dishes before I realize I haven’t woken up yet.  To curl up with a cup of coffee and the news.  To grocery shop and meal plan.  To volunteer my time, and to have a job.
  • Making new friends. I’ve never moved anywhere and had to make new friends.  I’m so excited to meet new people in a city as diverse as Chicago.
  • Learning where the locals go.  I have to go to Billy Sunday’s though.  The man is pretty much my boyfriend’s thesis statement, and the irony of having a bar named after a tee-totaling man makes me giggle.  Billy Sunday would not be amused.  But he would be flattered!
  • Living with ma boyfraaann!!1 I am lame.  I admit it.

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