Play Hard / Work Hard

Things that can happen in less than a year

I never really believed that your life can change quickly or instantaneously.  Granted, I’ve had major life events that have changed the way I’ve had to live day-to-day, but I’ve never had to think too far ahead in the future, I thought I had it all planned out.  I’m like that, you know.  A planner.

In the past year though, I’ve taken a step away from neurotic planning and learned to take life one day at a time, enjoying the wee things.  You know.  Like that bike ride that broke my arm for six weeks.  Where in those six weeks I learned how to ask for help.  Where I began to refocus, not on the goals of others, but on the goals of myself.  It’s been an inching process that has really cemented my belief that life isn’t what is handed to you, it’s what you do with it.

I’ve done more moving and shaking since September than I ever have in my life.  I went to Beer Fest, a few shows, and an old forest grove or two.   I volunteered at my high school, trying to decide if teaching is The Career For Me.  I’ve traveled to Calgary with four gorgeous people to win third place in a regional competition for our social enterprises.  I’ve traveled by myself to Toronto to win an award for the same social enterprises.  I’ve been chased by a boy doing completing his Masters, and let him win me over (begrudgingly) after two months, fell head over heels for him (shockingly), only to find out he’s leaving in September.

So after nearly one year, of sporadic, sort-of sad posting — which I apologize for.  I’m known for wearing my heart on my sleeve — I find myself on the brink of something new, risque, and terribly exciting.  In just over two months I will be travelling over 3, 600 kilometres from the Pacific Northwest to Illinois for what will either be an incredibly grand adventure, or a well deserved vacation.  Who really knows?  I’m diving in headfirst and seeing what comes of what, where. Ain’t no thang.  Yet.

I plan on reviving my blogging (really and truly), taking the Westcoast Crunchy and transplanting it in the Midwest.  Volunteering my time, searching for a job, being a stay-at-home girlfriend, and part-time research assistant to my PhD pursuing new Boyfriend who has an aversion to a Crunchy lifestyle.  What can I say?  I have a type!  Thank God he studies interesting things.

So citizens of Chicagoland, I’m excited to meet you in late September.  Where should I check out first?


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