Work Hard

“2013 is going to be about finishing … and beginning.”

That’s what I said to my friend Izad today when we were talking about the year to come.  And it’s true!  This November, I will convocate with my fancy degree in hand, and hopefully by then I will have decided which career path to start down.  These past few months I’ve been neglecting my personal health, and I’m excited to begin again!  After taking a few months off school, I’m doubly excited to get back into a lunch-making routine, and some semblance of an exercise regimen.

There is though, one small problem that I’m not sure everyone else has.  I have an hour and a half one-way bus commute to school.  I also have work most evenings.  Somehow, I have to pack myself both a lunch, and a dinner.  Somehow I have to wrangle a school locker out of the hands of some eager first year.  Somehow I have to get to the gym/pool three times a week, or start hauling my bike places.  Somehow I have to do all this while taking four classes and working!  Somehow, somehow, somehow.

I feel like it’s going to be a lot of quinoa salads, rice and beans, soups, chilis and other delights.  I’ve pulled out my Moosewood Cookbook for inspiration, and may have to satisfy a serious craving for peanut soba noodles sometime in the near paycheque.  I’ve been scouring blogs, trying to think up quick student  meals that satisfy and are easily tote-able.  I’m so ready to tackle this semester even if it is just electives like Pottery and Curriculum Development.

But for now, it’s time for bed.  I have to practice getting up early.  I’m not excited for that.  Not excited at all.  Any tips for a night owl like me?


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