Win Hard


I am an excellent goal setter.  I’m just terrible at the follow through.  Things and life just seem to get in the way, and I always end up prioritizing others instead of myself.  So this year, with a big smile, and a high five to the world, I am eschewing my typical January goal setting mentality, to embrace my inability to actually complete anything.  This year is about living and being a purposeful me.

This year, I resolve to prioritize myself.
I rarely ever do, and I’ve decided that it’s about time I did.  I know what I want, I know how to get it, so it’s about time I let myself have it instead of settling.

This year, I resolve to be the friend who calls up other friends to hang out.
I tend to drift around, busy with work, school, and my volunteer work and only really go out with friends if they invite me.  Sometimes, because I’m busy with work, school, and my volunteer work people assume I’m just busy, and then I wonder why I’m sitting at home alone watching “Modern Family” re-runs instead of out being a social butterfly.  It sort of just recently occurred to me that I can be the one to pick up the phone and make the coffee plans, instead of just accepting them.

This year, I resolve to have fun, and act my age, not my pant length (33, if you were wondering).
It’s a joke/fact that I don’t act my age.  And then I started to dabble in age appropriate conduct.  I went to my first bar/club, I made friends on my own volition.  I went to a movie in a theatre and bought popcorn like it wasn’t no thang! I’m living on the edge people!  And although I still have old lady tendencies, (I mean, the floors at clubs are sticky.  They are sticky!) I’m happier and more relaxed when I give myself a break and let me be 23.

This year, I resolve to do things that are healthy for my body and mind.
I’m talking about stress here, and cutting back on it.  Giving myself a break and being okay with the things that happen, knowing that I can’t always control them, and knowing that I can only really help myself.


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