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My Most Sincere Apologies To: A Short but Stevia’d post.

My Foodie Pen Pals and my Vegan Food Swapee.

On August 27th 2012 I began a hurried attempt to move myself, all my stuff, and my two cats out of my apartment and back to the farm to live with my parents, in less than three days.  My life is quite literally in boxes and I can barely find pants, let alone the delicious things my Foodie Pen Pals sent, or my camera which has the pictures of said delicious treats to remind me of who sent me what.

So here is my quick post with a list of as many things as I can remember being sent and links to the wonderful people who made the last few days of my August before it came screeching to a halt a million and twelve times better.

Vegan Food Swap:

Jenn of Diary of a Flâneuse and I were paired up together and swapped with eachother!  Click here to see what I sent her and to check out her awesome site where she is generally an awesome person.

Jenn sent me (to the best of my memory) from her local farmer’s market

  • Saskatoon Berry Tea
  • A tube of handmade lip chap I use it every day, I’m addicted.  It’s the one thing I haven’t lost)
  • A package of black rice (or quinoa… I’m so embarassed, I don’t remember)
  • Red Pepper Marmalade, that when I find I will immedietly put on everything.
  • Something else that I don’t remember!


Foodie Pen Pals:

I sent my package to Michelle at Push. Pump. Progress. Click here to see what I sent her.  Her blog is super cool, and she works super hard and it’s super inspirational!  Danielle at Eating Running Living sent me my package.  It contained:

A Trader Joe’s Extravaganza!

  • More Cookie Butter!!
  • Trader Joe’s Salsa
  • TJ’s Black Bean Dip
  • I’m embarassed to say I don’t remember anything else … but I was so surprised to see so much TJ’s product from a Canadian Food Swap

My most sincere thanks and apologies to everyone in August’s food swap… way, way, WAY too late.

xoxoxoxox to all.


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