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Made Me Smile Weekend Send Off: It’s Official I love Victoria!

Even though every single day I wish I didn’t live on an island where it costs between 15 and 70  dollars to get off of (depending on whether I’m driving or not), every single day I’m so glad that I live here!  And this reminded me especially of how much I love this Western-most island.


Raw Food!


Admittedly, I’ve never before specifically sought out raw food as a consistent meal source, but I figured I would bite the bullet and attend a wee breakfast workshop at Ingredients Health Food store downtown.  I was totally going to post about it for What I Ate Wednesday, but a) It was the last leg of my cold on Tuesday night and I had no energy to do anything but watch Blossom and b) I did not take any reasonable pictures because I ate pretty well everything before I remembered I should take a picture.  All this food shall be made in the future for your viewing pleasure!

Wasp Stings that make friends.

English: A European paper wasp (Polistes domin...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I was biking home from the Rawk your breakfast seminar, and suddenly my foot hurt like the dickens!  There was an angry wasp sitting on my foot, and in the middle of traffic I scream and kick him off and bike away as fast as I could.  After realizing I was stung, I go into Free Spirit Botanicals thinking that I can pick up an all natural bee sting stick.  But the sweetest girl in the entire world, sat me down and gingerly dropped lavendar and tea tree essential oil on my foot, gave me a band-aid and a soap sample and sent me on my way, good as new with no pain whatsoever!  New Best Friend.

The Bubble Man and Fernwood

Image source: Fernwood NRG

If you ever get out to Victoria, check out the wee little neighbourhood of Fernwood.  If you’re lucky (and you probably will be) you’ll get to meet the Bubble Man.  The Neighbourhood Resource Group in Fernwood erected this sign special for him.  Hearts hearts hearts.

What made you smile this week?



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