Made Me Smile Weekend Sendoff: Good Friends, Good Company

Even though Boyfriend has been bed ridden this week, and I’m fending off the beginnings of his cold, there’s still oodles to smile about this week.

  • Good friends, good company and this card game.  It’s actually the most fun I’ve ever had.  It’s all the things that I love about politics, economics and agriculture in one $20 box.

It may not look like much, but it’s actually so much fun.  Get thee to a gamery.

  • Getting to work with my dearest darling-est co-workers.  They’re seriously the best, and they put up with a whooole lot of crap and gentle teasing from me
  • Bike rides!!!!  Oh my gosh, so much fun.  I biked to my mum’s play yesterday evening, it took just over two hours including a stop at McDonalds.  It was the only place to get a drink on my way to the church and I was parched like no one’s business.  I wish I had taken my camera and snapped some photos, but I was worried I would be late (I wasn’t) and wouldn’t get a good seat (I did).
  • The dear, darling people at the Y.  I nearly fainted in the pool due to my stupidity and the heat outside.  I had dehydrated myself by having friends over for drinks that night, and then dehydrated myself by going out for an early coffee with a friend and continued to dehydrate myself by not giving myself enough time to grab a water bottle before aqua fit
  • Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter. Trader Joe’s doesn’t exist in Canada.  Bestie brought this home from me from Portland and I promptly opened it and shoeved my finger in it.  Ladies and gentlemen, this tastes exactly like a gingerbread cookie.  It’s even sorta crunchy like a cookie.  It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever tasted in my entire life.  Seriously.  Where has it been?

    source: victorialoustalot.com


    What made you smile this week?



4 thoughts on “Made Me Smile Weekend Sendoff: Good Friends, Good Company

    • The jar says it’s a product of the Netherlands. I’m assuming they make it there?

      I’m determined to make it myself though, once the jar is dangerously close to running out!

    • I’m seriously considering moving to America (or at least mainland British Columbia) so I can go to Bellingham and make Trader Joe’s my primary grocery store.

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