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Made Me Smile Weekend Sendoff: Reeealy Searching for Smiles

You might think that this week’s Made Me Smile list today is really deep and well thought through.   But I had a terrible night at work last night, and what I’m searching for is anything positive!  It’s hard thinking positive when you’re really cranky.  But here goes!

  1. My kitties.  I really love them (duh… that’s all I talk about), and Tika is trying really hard to act kindly to Wesley.  Wesley is a brat, but they’re getting along a lot better.  And they’re both black.  And we know how awesome black cats are!  They have superpowers.

  2. Aqua FitI almost don’t want to complete my Olympic Challenge this month, because I love Aqua Fit so much!  I’m so un-coordinated it’s embarrassing, but today there was someone else my age in the class!  We sort of looked at each other as if to say “Why are you here?  This is for Grandmas only.”
  3. Local Grocery Stores with incredible staff.  My favourite now is Ingredients Health Food and Apple Cafe.  I always leave so happy and energized and truly glad.  Their bulk section is amazing and their café literally has something for everyone, regardless of your dietary needs or wants.  There’s a new organic health food store that’s opened up next to my work, and I’m interested to see what that provides.  I love my city and I love that wherever I go I can find incredible food and incredible people who are positive and supportive.  Also the Market on Yates’ vegan granola muffins.  They’re really, really good.
  4. My new yoga mat.  For at home Pilates, drop in Pilates and drop in yoga.  I’m going to seriously ROCK one of this month’s goals.
  5. Buying water kefir online. I’m about to do it.  I’m gonna!  It’s going to be so awesome!  Hopefully it won’t die like my kombucha the past two times I’ve tried to make it…


Alright, that’s all I’ve got.  Hopefully everyone else had a better evening than I did.  And Thursday is my Monday, hopefully this isn’t indicative of the week to come!

Think positive.   Think positive.  Think positive…


6 thoughts on “Made Me Smile Weekend Sendoff: Reeealy Searching for Smiles

  1. Sweet video. I did adopt a black cat. Later in life, after the white one and in a new town — For a few days entering the house after work there would be a black cat curled up on my bed. I fed her and that was that – she was mine. Until she ran away about a year later.

    • Noo, not another sad kitty story!!! I just want to pack up my kitty and send him to you so you can cuddle, but I’d need him back.

      My parent’s cat ran away once. She came back nine months later on Halloween terrified out of her skin, thinner than thin and afraid of anyone male, loud noises, fast blinking, and anything that moved suddenly. She’s not a good ratter anymore, and my parents need that on the farm…

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