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DIY Mason Jar Travel Cup

I saw this at and I literally squealed and started digging through our recycling box.  Boyfriend walked by while I was covered in empty milk containers, yogurt containers and cardboard and just sighed.

I covet those little plastic inserts you put into mason jars to make them into travel cups.  But I have enough problems actually keeping track of the jar, let alone the ten dollar insert.  So when I saw the tutorial from Mommy’s Middle Ground, I knew I had to do it!

You’ll need:

  • A mason jar
  • A lid that matches, and the inset (not pictured because I do everything the hard way)
  • Plastic yogurt lids
  • Scissors and/or x-acto knife (ahem, not pictured)

Step One

Trace the outside of your mason jar lid.  It’s way easier to do it using the insert.  But I was way too excited to think clearly.  This way obviously still works, and it works better if you like a snug fit, like me!

Step Two

Cut out your circle, and check to see that it fits inside the lid.  Trim to fit.

Step Three

Cut a hole that allows you to sip out of it.  Slice a small “x” with a knife on the opposite side as a pressure release.  OR:

Use a hole punch, scissors or an x-acto knife to make a circle in your lid so you can insert a straw.

And there you go!

Pop that little plastic gem into your jar ring, and get ready to drink out of mason jars without having to deal with a ten dollar price tag, or screwing and unscrewing the lid.  And if you lose the piece, or your entire mason jar?  Fuggetaboutit.  Get thee to a thrift store and pick up another one for a quarter, and make another!  It literally takes a minute.  Two minutes tops!


7 thoughts on “DIY Mason Jar Travel Cup

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  2. THANK YOU!!! I have literally been scouring the internet for a solution to this problem. I love drinking out of mason jars because I can easily switch between beverages (coffee to water – no weird aftertaste) and hot to cold beverages, AND because I bike/carry a backpack I can toss them around without fear of leakage AND I’m a college student and thus am too poor to replace expensive coffee cups when I lose them (which i do, once a month). BUT I’m a clutz and can’t handle walking and drinking out of a wide-mouth jar at the same time. This is so perfect!!! Thank you!

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  4. That is GENIUS! I love anything mason jar related—I even called my ex-boyfriend Mr. Mason Jar because the first night he cooked for me he served me drinks in them. If I can ever get up the gumption to actually craft…I’m totally making these. 🙂

    • They’re SUPER easy. Like super dooper. I messed up at least eight times, and they still came out perfect! And the materials are so cheap, it doesn’t matter if you destroy it eleventy million times.

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