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Olympic Challenge #1: “Synchronized Swimming” Like Your Grandma Does

This Olympic challenge is later than I wanted it to be, but I slept in on Saturday and couldn’t make it to the MEC running clinic, and I went out with my best lady friend Lur on Saturday night and we went to the Y for swimming instead of me going to the bike clinic.  It’s been really hot here for the past week.  Well… hotter than the West Coast usually is.  It sort of feels like the Okanagan, and summers gone by in a sweaty van with loud siblings.  I shouldn’t be complaining though.

But the best part about it being hot and sunny, is swimming!  And what’s more fun than swimming lengths back and forth across a pool?  AQUA FIT!

Yes, that fitness class your grandma goes to is quite possibly the most fun I’ve had in a pool in forever!  I literally just got back from it (my bike helmet is still on my head) and my hair is still wet because I’m too lazy to blow dry.  I never thought I could actually sweat underwater.  I admit, I brought the median age down significantly at Aqua Fit.  Only two people there could not have been my grandparents (not including the instructor).  But holy noodle doodles, are grandmas fit!

I’m actually physically tired from Aqua Fit.  I feel the burn!  I crab walked like a champ and jogged in circles like a shark was chasing me.  But I am not, nor will I ever be graceful, or co-ordinated.  Not like the ladies and the two gentlemen at Aqua Fit.  But even though I look more like a flailing moron, tightening my glutes underwater and doing the Michael Jackson Slide with the coolest ladies on the planet.  I’ve decided to always pretend we look like this:


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2 thoughts on “Olympic Challenge #1: “Synchronized Swimming” Like Your Grandma Does

    • I got a couple weird looks, but when I started messing up and turning the wrong way on our ballerina spins they started laughing. I took pictures of my cats just in case they started talking about grand-kids though…

      You should try again! Take a picture of your bunny with you!

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