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Monthly Mission #2: Evaluate Myself

Inspired by blogger Sayward Rebhal of Bonzai Aphrodite, on the first Monday of the month I take on something that I don’t already do that I do, or don’t want to do, but know I should.  I report back on the last Thursday of the month, and see how far I’ve come.  But I don’t want to be alone!  Join up

This month, after last month’s (sort of) complete failure, I’ve decided that I really need to take a step back, and maybe not jump in with both feet without really understanding why I’ve decided to pursue a “Crunchy” lifestyle.  This month is all about paying attention to what makes me happy and what makes me sad or frustrated.

I’ve got a list of goals to achieve to guide me through this month.  They are (in no particular order):

  • Find a “sport” / fitness class that you enjoy and would go to regularlyI find it very difficult to keep myself motivated and accountable to myself.  So classes are the best way for me to make a first step.
  • Get a gym pass and use it!  My goal is to justify the cost of the gym pass for the month of August.  The cost for drop in is 11 dollars, and the cost of my pass this month is 28.  It’ll be easy to get my dollars worth twice, but my goal is six times.
  • Pay serious attention to what I eat and when I eat. I’d just like to know.  I’m trying to decide whether to do a food log or not, what do you think?
  • Do at home yoga/Pilates at least twice a week.  I love YouTube Pilates.  That’s something I can do at home and get excited for. I just need some motivation.
  • Take the long bike ride to work.  My version of taking the stairs.  I’ll probably take the stairs too…

That’s my list!  I’m taking a step back and thinking about myself, my needs and my abilities.  See you on the last Thursday of the month!

Ready.  Steady.  Go!


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