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MMS Weekend Send-Off: Fun Day in the Park

Hello my lovelies!  I’m sitting here at my kitchen table with a bottle of white wine making parchement paper baking cups for my Vegan Protein Dinosaur Cupcakes for my favourite event of every year.  Fun Day in the Park with the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of Canada.  I’ve volunteered every year since they started at the iron fist of my good friend Teri whose son was diagnosed with IBD about six years ago.  I’m so sad that this year I’ll have to duck out early instead of enjoying my glass or six of wine with women old enough to be my mum after a long 7am to 7pm day of volunteering and playing with kids.

If you’re in the CRD in British Columbia, please come out and please tell your friends about this fantastic event!

I’m the one at the fish tank!!

Crohn’s and Colitis are often unspoken about and underfunded diseases because they deal with “toilet issues”, digestion and other things people are often embarrassed about.  But the truth is that Crohns and Colitis and other Inflammatory Bowl Diseases (IBD) effect over 1 in 1,000 people worldwide, and in Canada IBD can affect more than 1 in every 160 people.  If you look at your facebook friends, chances are at least one of them has or will contract IBS in their lifetime.  Individuals are often diagnosed with IBD when they are in their 20’s or 30’s, so please please please, if you fall into that age bracket, pay attention to your body, especially when you’re in the bathroom.   Not much research has gone into IBD to really understand why or how someone can contract IBD, but you can contract it at any time, without warning and it can truly change your life with the medication you must take and the new diet you must adhere to.  To top it off, IBD effects everyone differently, so there is no one ‘cure-all’ treatment.

This Saturday, if you know someone with Crohns disease or Colitis, give them a hug!  They really really deserve it.

If you’d like to learn more about IBD in your country or to volunteer or donate, please click one of the links below:

When and where is Fun Day?

11:00am–4:30pm, Saturday, July 28, 2012, at Gyro Park at Cadboro Bay Beach (See map below).

Free admission. No registration required. All ages welcome!


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