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DIY Tea Bags Three Ways

I’m sort of notorious for having tea on me at all times.  This one time at work I asked around and asked if anyone wanted tea and my co-worker said “Only if it’s green tea.” To which I said “I don’t think we have green…” and then proceeded to pull one lone green tea bag out of my purse.  I am a tea champion!

And this champion has provided you with a handy how-to that will let you take your favourite loose leaf tea wherever you go!  This handy how-to gives you tea drinking options!  This handy how-to will buy you Rembrandt paintings until the cows come home.   This handy how-to will have my not-so-crunchy boyfriend rolling his eyes and wishing that we weren’t almost out of refillable tea bags to bring me to this madness.

Oh how I wish that was true.

Regardless, here’s three awesome tutorials on how to make your own tea bags, whichever way you’d like!  I like the pyramids because it gives the tea leaves extra space to float around.  That and I’m a tea snob and demand space for my tea leaves to float around.




Click on the picture below to enlarge.   Picasa Collage program was NOT working it.  Not working it at all.





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