Win Hard

Made Me Smile Weekend Send off: I’m baaack!

After missing my second WIAW in a row, and not blogging the past two days, I really feel like I’ve fallen off the face of the internet-world.  But it was all for a good cause!

Over the past two days I’ve been teaching kids about agricultural sustainability at a local community centre.  It was awesome listening to kids and trying to explain what a “local economy” was.  Honestly?  I still don’t know what a local economy is, but I do know that at about 2:30 every single day the brains of seven to eleven year olds just turn off, and the brains of five to seven year old children keep on chugging at super hyper speed and don’t stop until they crash into a metaphorical wall at bedtime.

But that didn’t stop me from loving every second of it!  The seven to eleven year old kids visited Haliburton Farm, a local organic farm owned by five separate farmers and they took us around and showed us how a real farm operates, and how they are working to restore the habitats of animals who had left and run away due to urban development.  The second day, I worked with the younger batch, and we cut open fruits, and looked at stickers on fruits I bought at the store, and tasted really really fresh strawberries.  My friend Lur and Boyfriend joined and helped out with the kid-wrangling and eventually they manipulated us into becoming their personal paper airplane factory before Boyfriend decided to get philosophically political and tell them that until he found himself a union representative to negotiate his terms, he was on strike until further notice.

To which a child asked “You don’t like people, do you?”  And Boyfriend replied “That’s fairly accurate.”

Le sigh…

But I am physically exhausted after playing “Wall-Ball” which is a game that apparently all children played when they were little but I totally missed out on.  I spent about an hour chasing after kids at top speeds and throwing balls and being ‘out’.

Does that count?  Because if it doesn’t, I’m doing a terrible job completing my Monthly Mission.  Again.  Le sigh…

Sigh is right though.  This morning, I had to re-start my day at least three times.  I woke up cranky, and I spilled my breakfast everywhere.  Boyfriend laughed at me, and I had to take out some really stinky trash.  All which wouldn’t have been that bad, had I not been SUPER CRANKY.  But I was.  So I had to re-start.  And I ate Fro-Yo from Qoola.  And I bought yogurt to make homemade fro-yo.

And then everything seemed a little brighter.


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