Hurry Hard

She Took a Midday Ride Going Anywhere

Biking is my preferred mode of transportation.  In the city that I live, in the apartment I live in, I can easily get from one end of town to the other in twenty minutes or less.  It just takes some serious brain-focus.  I have been known to bike over 20 kilometres (13 miles to those that understand.  I am not one of you.) to my parent’s house just to pick up the car to borrow it for a couple of hours before biking the 20 kilometres back home.  Yes, I was exhausted but that was mainly because of the errands I was trying to get done in the few hours I had the car.  No, it wasn’t entirely unmanageable.

Part of the reason why I bike so much is because … I’m not going to school during the summer semester, and don’t have the complimentary bus pass that comes with my tuition.  The other part is that I don’t want to pay for a bus pass.  The other other part is that biking is way faster than taking the bus.  In my city, even walking is sometimes faster than taking the bus.  But this post is about biking, so let’s stick to that.

If I wanted to take the bus to my job, it would have to leave my house 5-10 minutes before the bus came, spend 20 minutes on the bus, and walk another 5 minutes to work.  I would be ‘in transit’ for over half an hour.  On my bike, it takes me ten minutes total to leave my apartment and to sign in at work.  Even getting out to my parents’ house in the middle of nowhere sometimes takes less time on my bike, depending on how stupid the bus schedule is that day, or how big a vendetta karma has against me.

And it really doesn’t take that long!  Especially if you think about it in terms of manageable chunks.  For instance, for me to get from my house to the beginning of the bike trail takes about 20 minutes.  Totally manageable!  I do it all the time.  To get from the bike trail to the elementary school takes another 20 minutes.  Again, totally manageable.  Especially when the scenery looks like this:

From the elementary school, it’s another 20 minutes to the Mini-Golf place.  From there, it’s another 20 minutes to my parent’s.  Manageable, and yes, absotively manageable.  There’s so much to see on the way there,  I only bump into people every 10 minutes or so, and I’m completely free to sing That Journey Song (you know the one I’m talking about) at the top of my lungs the entire way there.  I just think “I will be there in twenty minutes” the entire time, and then I begin to believe it!

Not only that, but I usually stop at the Mini-Golf and pick up some produce at the farmer’s market there, and re-fill my water bottle.  Sometimes when I’m feeling especially flush, I pick up a cookie for my dad and a Mars Bar for my mummy and then stick it in the freezer when I get home as a treat for her.  Most days I get caught in a Pacific Coast rain shower and am drenched the first 20 minutes in.

But I love it.  I love biking everywhere!  I love being wet! I love my bright yellow milk-crate that is precariously attached to the rack on my bike that is “attached” to my frame.  I love biking in maxi dresses because, I can do it without losing too much dignity!  I love biking in skirts and dresses (with shorts underneath.  I’m not a hussy.), in shorts, pants and pajamas and I especially love long bike rides.

I just hate them thar hills.

–Trails in blog post may seem easier than they appear.  They are very hard around that bend–


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