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Made Me Smile Weekend Send-Off: Sisters

This weekend marks a new beginning for my sister.  Today she is graduating high school and rolling head first into “adult” life.  She’s taking a “gap” year, working and earning money toward her post-secondary education.  She wants to go to school in Victoria here, and get a degree in Child and Youth Care with a minor in Psychology.  She wants to work in teen support centres, helping young adults with mental health problems.  At least, that’s the last I heard.  If she’s like me at all (and she is.  When she and I have a conversation, Boyfriend can barely tell who is talking were it not for the fact that he lives with me) she’ll continue to edit, and adjust constantly before getting it “just right”.

It’s hard to imagine she went from this tiny blur in the 1990’s, standing next to me as I purposefully pose because I was going through a phase where I was convinced that “being cool” came from body language and the way you held your Hello Kitty backpack as you walked down the halls of elementary school, and not just my gorgeous insides.

To this stellar young lady who can pose for a photo and look cool without even trying while composing a song on the guitar which she will probably perform as a ukelele-kazoo duet at a fundraiser for blind dogs while reminding people to “spay and neuter your pets like Bob Barker tells us too”.  Seriously, why didn’t I get the awesome gene?

My sister does terrific things, and I know that sometimes she feels like she lives in the shadow of my brother and I.  All three of us kids are/were heavily into theatre and music in high school and she would express her frustration over facebook at being called “Little Becca” by the light and sound techs I worked with at the time at the theatre our high school performed at.  “Little Becca” no more, she has made a name for herself and rocks hard.

So from one sister to another, a little piece of advice.  Any decision you that you ever make in your lifetime is the best one at that given moment.  Later on, it might not have been the best and  you might feel the urge to regret it, but just remember that you made the right decision.  Because you’re not dead, you’re not hungry, and you still have me to support you.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever got?


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