Win Hard

No More Flat Bread! Recycling to the Max!

I can’t believe how crazy this idea was, and I can’t believe how well it worked!  I’ve never felt smarter in my life, and I’ve got “A’s” on History essays!  Sometimes.  Well… once.

I have this problem each time I go buy groceries and end up purchasing bread.  No matter how hard I try to keep the loafish integrity of the bread, it ends up getting smushed and I end up having slightly mangled bread.  But today when I went to the grocery store I had a shoebox with me.  I was mailing something and I wasn’t sure how I wanted to send it, so I brought the shoebox with me in case I needed it.  After struggling for five minutes trying to carry my groceries and a shoebox (you can’t just leave your shoebox unattended in your bike basket.   Someone might take it!),  I got a brilliant idea.

Put your bread.  Into the shoebox.

I will say it once more in case you are like me and need to hear things at least 12 times before you actually process it.

Put your bread.  In the shoebox.  Like this:

After that, you can pop the shoebox (and whatever else you’re able to stuff around the sides of the bread) into your bike basket and put heavy things around it, or on it.

My apples fit perfectly next to my shoebox!

Then you can pile everything else on top, and guess what?  Your bread won’t squish!

I literally walked in the door and sat down at the computer after taking these photos in my parking lot, so now I’m going to go put my veggies away and start dinner.   My groceries are sitting very patiently in the hallway.

Try it!  This is one serious Win.


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