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Makes Me Smile Saturdays (on Sunday)

Another week has gone by and although concern towards my health has diminsihed.   I’ve got up late, watched Downton Abbey, and worked six out of the last seven days.   This next week should prove to be hugely eventful though.  A BIG What I Ate Wednesday post for a social I’m hosting for a social entreprenurship club I’m part of, and shopping with my bestie.

This week though, I was all smiles when I went and spoke to a community centre about working with their elementary summer program to promote agricultural sustainability.  They blew me away with their support for my program and want me to expand it for their whole youth program.  I’ll be teaching agricultural sustainability and consumerism to kids in kindergarten all the way to grade 11, and I’m so excited!  It’s a topic close to my heart, having grown up on a farm and I hope that I can transfer that excitement to the youth, and not be that lame 20 year old who tries to engage and just comes off as out of touch.

So how about you lovelies?  What made you smile this week?


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