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What I Ate Wednesday: A Day off Work

Linking up my first WIAW Peas & Crayons makes me feel so excited!  Excited to be starting this new venture, and excited for being held accountable, not just to myself, but to WIAW.  So without further ado, here is what I ate.

For breakfast, I had a smoothie and half of one of those sesame crepe things.  My friend turned me onto them, and even though they’re not the best breakfast items, they are so addicting.   I’m lying to myself as I look now at the empty packaging.  “8% protein?  Awesome!  18 grams of sugar?  Did you see my smoothie?”

My smoothie, on the other hand was made with frozen strawberries from my parent’s farm, 1/3rd of a cucumber, a tablespoon of coconut oil, a hearty helping of vanilla almond milk, a blip of honey (mainly so I have a reason to lick the spoon)  and a spoonful of whey powder along with my morning multivitamins.  I ate this as I lay curled in bed watching “Modern Family” and checking my e-mail.  I am so not a morning person, so breakfast turns out to be more of a “if you can make it while half asleep, you can eat it” kind of deal.  I’m so excited for when I own a straw and don’t have to drink my smoothie from a spoon.  Drinking it from the mason jar is a recipe for disaster for Morning Becca.

After breakfast I went for a walk downtown to visit Boyfriend.  I had a day off work and I tend to just lie around and watch a LOT of online TV.  Netflix is truly my Achilles Heel and Downton Abbey is my muse.

For my 20 minute walk down, I munched on carrots, the remainder of the sesame crepe, and the worst coffee I’ve ever made in my life.  We have coffee grounds sitting in our cupboard and I wasn’t sure how long they’d been there for.  After tasting it, my  guess would be 2 months outside of  a resealable container and it was gross, gross gross.  I will always freshly grind from now on, and never trust our cupboard grounds.

But I drank it anyway.  And I regretted every last sip.

On the way back from visiting Boyfriend, I stopped off at the grocery store and picked up some sprouted whole wheat bread, tofu and a lemon for our salad dressing, along with a mug of green tea.  I also picked up a computer chair that was sitting on the side of the road looking for a home.  Boyfriend broke our nice IKEA chair that he had been using as a computer chair, so it was nice to be able to re-use something until we find a more permanent substitute.

My second snack which lasted over a period of 2.5 hours was hummus and corn chips, that there chocolate bar, and Forever Nuts from DavidsTea.  I regretted the chocolate bar the second I put it in my mouth, it was so rich and sweet.  I’ll probably use up the rest of them by chopping them up and putting them in cookies.  It’ll still be rich, but at least the bites will be more evenly dispersed.

As you can see, Wesley wanted to get in on the action and pretty much whined the entire time, demanding that he sit on the table in front of me and have me rub his chin.  That got old very quickly until I plonked him down on a chair and he sat there contentedly until dinner.

By now it was reasonably dark, and close to dinner time.  Boyfriend gets off work at 10pm, so we tend to have a very late, but very light dinner.  Homemade miso soup with carrots, tofu and nori as something warm to slurp while we sat outside.  Next to that we had a quinoa salad with balsamic oven roasted tomatoes, broccoli, and red and green peppers, all foraged from our nearly empty fridge topped with a tahini vinaigrette.   A lovely glass of Gamay finished the meal along with an extraordinarily heavy raisin cinnamon bun that I could not finish.  Oh well, more for Boyfriend!


10 thoughts on “What I Ate Wednesday: A Day off Work

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    • They just started popping up in my neck of the woods. Dan-D-Pak is expanding a bunch, and I found this at the market for $.99. It’s like a soft version of the hard Sesame Snaps that my mum gave me for snacks when I was in school

    • Unfortunately, It’s a regular occurance. Sometimes it’s as late as 11 or 12, depending on what time Boyfriend gets off work. It’s fine by me though. I’m a night owl, and I’d rather stay up late!

  2. First WIAW? Welcome!! I love your cheerful attitude. I’m such a morning person, so it is always interesting to me to read about people who are not. Also Downton Abbey I cannot wait to watch. Everyone tells me I’d love it.
    I have the same mug! I love owls so I scoop up ever owl themed thing I can find 🙂

    • Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m excited to keep participating, WIAW was so much fun! When you start watching Downton Abbey, pick a week where you have nothing to do. It’s so addicting watching one after the other after the other. Maggie Smith is a Gem!

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