Cutest Cards Ever

So my friend Beki makes cards.

Yes, that is a tie clip on the tie there.  And yes, the buttons are hand sewn on.

And there’s more!

She does holiday ones too

Yes, Ladies and Gentlemen, Beki HANDCRAFTS these cards.  Each individual sparkle and glitter is placed by hand.  All the buttons are sewn by hand.  The wiring and three dimentional effects are done by hand too.  She even CUSTOM MAKES ALL HER CARDS!  But don’t worry, these cards are not just for her friends and family.  Oh no.  She sells them online!

Thank God, you may be saying.  I was so blown away by them I just needed to buy as many as humanly possible because Hallmark has nothing on this, is the revelation you may have come to.

Check out her Etsy store

Subscribe to her Blog

I know I do.


One thought on “Cutest Cards Ever

    aww becca. you brought a tear to my eyes!! You are soooooo thoughtful and a fantastic friend!!Thank u sooo much for your support!!

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